VERSAIMPRESS is that the original design of the home Daqian Art French neo-classical series!
Heritage of the French Versailles palace architecture and decoration pure hand-crafted artistic characteristics.
Faded traditional French furniture gold silver inlay, gold lacquer painted impetuous coat, let glitz behind richer delicate, more intriguing sculpture round unfolded.
In complicated hyperbole, mighty, passionate romantic baroque main line, while the Rococo style in the unique C-type, S-type art element infinite exaggeration and amplification, deeply melted into this very intense, strange masculine style. So it has a baroque luxury, majestic, bold appearance, which had Rococo soften, lively temperament.
Baroque and Rococo art of the French court both symbolize the pinnacle of perfect integration, to create VERSAIMPRESS noble royal descent. Also expressed VERSAIMPRESS luxury, elegance, comfort, freedom of style characteristics.