1、Material selection

First, in the selection, we buy a lot of quality hardwood, mainly from North America Hardwood Association. Hardwood Dimension length of 8-12 feet, width of one foot, the thickness of 1-2 inches.

2、Advanced microwave drying kiln

Daqian built with advanced electronic balance microwave drying kilns and drying room, the wood moisture control in line with national standards about 8%.


In order to prevent deformation of wood cracking, we put a lot of equipment and effort, the wide open with narrow, aniseed cut small, and then disrupted the original order and reduce the stress and deformation in accordance with the requirements, and then makes up the required plate.

4、Panel self compensation structure

We developed called "self-compensation structure panel" technology, used in the production of products Daqian. Not only to maintain the aesthetic appeal of solid wood furniture, but also to prevent deformation of wood, has applied for a national patent.

5、After the assembly process

We will separate each part of the paint coating, and finally the coating good parts assembled together, effectively preventing film rupture, after the assembly process we use solid wood furniture for many years to solve the unsolvable problem.

6、Hand-rubbed wood color catheter

Yu timber skilled craftsmen, using a special rub-color process, retain the original natural textures, from different angles to appreciate, can savor a variety of three-dimensional fine place.


Fine hand-polished, smooth and delicate texture to create furniture, such as baby skin as smooth and comfortable. We passed over fifty processes, can be made of wood finished furniture. Our products are used a lot of hand-carved, though complicated process, but the fine carvings and reliefs strong expressive force, able to accurately interpret design ideas.